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For companies daring to solve some of the biggest challenges in healthtech, healthcare, science, and technology—we get you. We create bold, beautiful award-winning health brands that inspire, engage, convince, and drive action. 

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DBH Red Dot Award

Global Recognition

In 2020, the work we created for Drawbridge Health was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Brand award, selected by an international jury as the winner of the medical brand category.


Our Services

Creative capabilities

Branding Strategy + Design

Branding strategy starts with the “why.” Together, we distill the essence of who you are, why you exist, and what problems you’re solving for the healthcare world. We help you crystallize what you do and articulate a belief system that translates into your vision, mission, values, and brand personality. Only then do we start building your brand.

We help companies rise above the noise, get noticed, and win awards. Whether your health company is B2B or B2C, we deliver radical transformation. 

  • Brand strategy & design
  • Corporate identity
  • Category definition

Web + Digital

As consumers, we are accustomed to beautiful brands with websites that are intuitive to use. We expect messaging that resonates empathy and understands the problems we’re trying to solve. And yet for health products, we don’t experience this often enough.

We believe that your website should be your most strategic communication channel for customer acquisition, physician education, and partner and patient engagement. And it needs to be inspiring and have a user experience that is seamless.

  • Web as a strategy
  • Web design
  • SEO and SEM

Marketing + Content Creation

Healthcare marketing has become cookie-cutter: Pick a shade of blue, use it too much, add a picture of a doctor and a patient. We don’t do this. Instead, we identify what’s unique and find ways to build creative constructs that communicate this uniqueness.

When it comes to marketing health products, we are different. Our skill lies in making the complex simple, the mundane inspiring, and the visuals compelling, differentiated, and beautiful. We create content that inspires, engages, and, most importantly, gets results.

  • Content marketing
  • Blogs
  • Brochures and collateral

Health Product Marketing is Different

Successfully building, commercializing and scaling a health product can be a long path. Our team has the expertise to understand health products at all their stages and to select the specific marketing approaches required at every step.

There are many stakeholders in healthcare, and marketing to them requires evidence and data. But they still want to be inspired, engaged, and educated in novel and compelling ways.

Our brands are constructed with a people-centric approach to communicate with diverse audiences and to always be inspirational.

MDisrupt Brand

“We partnered with Ruby Consulting Group because of their successful track record in commercializing healthcare and healthtech products. Their team has a keen understanding of the unique complexities of healthcare branding, and they took the time to understand Drawbridge Health’s vision to craft an elegant, compelling identity. They didn't just create a brand for us, they provided the foundation and the toolkit we needed to build and grow our identity and story today and into the future.”

Greg Nagy   Chief Marketing Officer at Drawbridge Health

"Ruby Consulting Group developed and deployed the branding and web presence for the companies that I led commercially. They were able to capture the ethos of why the company existed for patients, their families, clinicians and our employees. The re-branding provided a unifying view to all stakeholders of who we were as a company and why we exist."

Chris Barbazette   Biotech Industry Executive

"Thermo Fisher is deeply committed to delivering products that enable healthy outcomes for everyone. Our Predictive Genomics initiative helps researchers link genomic variants with health conditions across diverse racial and ethnic groups. As a biotech leader of color, it is important to me that our campaign reflects broader representation for the populations our customers serve. The Ruby Consulting Group delivered a creative campaign with crisp, unique messaging and vibrant imagery that truly embodies our corporate mission in a very compelling way."

Candia L. Brown   Senior Director, Global Marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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